TRI China

TRI’s innovative approach to the chemical distribution industry and continued commitment to “Supplying Industry Worldwide” has recently opened up many new international business opportunities. To support our growth into new markets, TRI opened our TRI China Sourcing office in Shanghai, China.

First and foremost our TRI China Sourcing office will provide TRI with new sourcing options throughout Asia and the Middle east and help source products that are in global demand, which will broaden the options for current customers. Secondly, by expanding our operations we will be able to cater to far greater number of customers and share our exceptional customer service with the rest of the world.

We thank all of our customers and suppliers for their support and growth. As a customer driven company, it is our goal to provide the best and most cost effective product available anywhere in the world. TRInternational is your Global Chemical Source.

Stacey Li, China Sourcing Agent
Phone: +86-21-50817769
Fax: +86-21-50817769

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