Google Pays Tribute to Extraordinary Physicist Hedwig Kohn

April 05, 2019 News

Today’s #GoogleDoodle celebrates Hedwig Kohn the pioneering #physicist who specialized in measurement of light/radiation, from ultraviolet light to atomic and molecular #spectroscopy. She was one of only three women allowed to teach physics at universities in Germany. #womeninhistory

What would have been her 132nd birthday is being recognized by the popular search engine. Kohn was born in in April 5, 1887 in what was then Breslau, now known as Wroclaw, Poland.

Prior to World War II, only three women achieved the German qualification for teaching at a university, the Habilitation in the field of physics: Lise Meitner, Hertha Sponer, and Hedwig Kohn. All three ultimately fled Nazi Germany.

She was awarded her doctorate in physics 1913 and was given the position of her professors assistant soon after beginning work under the direction of Otto Lummer.