Helping Hands, Build-a-Hand for Someone in Need

March 12, 2020 Community

We had another life-changing opporturtunity with Odyseey Teams, Inc. when our group gathered at the company’s Seattle headquarters to participate in the “Helping Hands” training  and team-building solutions program, during which we assembled ten prosthetic hands for amputees and landmine survivors which will be distributed in one of 67 developing countries.

The plastic hands, designed by the Ellen Meadows Prosthetic Hand Foundation, are composed of moving and non-moving high-grip digits controlled by a spring-loaded mechanism. The hands are strapped on, not surgically attached, and can be easily mastered so that recipients can quickly undertake the tasks of daily living — sipping a beverage, tying a shoelace, holding a pen or a computer mouse.

“We’re thrilled to work with Odyssey Teams again, its LifeCycles event brought our teams together in ways we didn’t think possible,” said TRI’s Executive Assistant and Human Resources Manager, Marjalena Santos. “We chose to celebrate two decades of success with the Helping Hands program as an opportunity to give back to others in the international community and provide a spectacular setting to bring our company values to life through collaboration, commitment and service,” adds TRI’s Director of Marketing, Jennifer Calvery.