ChemTalk Spring 2019

April 07, 2019 Chemtalk News

TRI ChemTalk Current Issue
No. 29

Welcome to the refreshed Tradetalk newsletter, now TRI ChemTalk.

It’s more than Industry News; the focus is on our Colleagues, Families & Communities Get to know TRI through our newsletter and see what is new with our business, the markets we specialize in and our people.

News & Features of TRI ChemTalk – A Celebration is Upon Us
Issue 29 – Spring 2019

  • Decades of Gratitude – A Note from our CEO
  • Panama Canal Drought Causes Freight Delays & Concerns for Many.
  • Product Spotlights: PG USP, TPG, EB Acetate
  • Region Spotlights: Mid-West & Mid-South
  • Responsible Distribution: Our Commitment to Compliance
  • On a Personnel Note:Family Milestones & Thanks
  • Contact Us, Social Media, Tradeshows & Events

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