National Drilling Fluids Conference American Association of Drilling Engineers (AADE)

April 14, 2020

April 14-15, 2020
Houston, TX, USA

The American Association of Drilling Engineers (AADE) is a non-profit (IRS 501-6C), volunteer organization founded in New Orleans in 1978 and is made up of an affiliation of independent chapters licensed and governed by a National Board.

Formation of the AADE was based on the fact that no existing drilling industry organization was consistently providing technical exchange specifically for Drilling Engineers.

The early success and acceptance of this effort led to the expansion of AADE. Eleven chapters are now active in New Orleans, Lafayette, Houston, Dallas-Fort Worth, Midland (Permian Basin), Oklahoma City-Tulsa (Mid-continent), Denver, Bakersfield (West Coast), Anchorage, Coraopolis, PA (Appalachian Basin) and Central Texas (San Antonio).

National membership is nearing 6,000 active members, and has remained steady despite the fluctuations experienced by the industry.

The AADE has experienced continued growth in membership and reputation by focusing on its mission, vision and value statement.

AADE offers a forum for the exchange of information, among its members and guests, specifically on drilling related topics. AADE chapters generally meet once a month where programs are presented by knowledgeable industry leaders in an informal luncheon or dinner environment.

AADE chapters also offer all-day forums as well as annual multi day technical conferences to provide the opportunity for industry experts to present in depth coverage on current topics and latest technology.

AADE chapters publish a newsletter and/or maintain a web page ( to keep members informed on activities and local drilling industry information.

To provide the forum for the dissemination of practical drilling technology to those employed or interested in the drilling industry.

To be a leading forum for the dissemination and interchange of drilling practices and technology.

To promote professionalism and respect within the drilling industry, the community, and the environment in which it co-exists.


National Drilling Fluids Conference American Association of Drilling Engineers (AADE)

March 02, 2020