September 12, 2019 News

SEATTLE, Wash. Sept 12, 2019 – TRINTERNATIONAL, INC., a global chemical distributor headquartered in Seattle, WA, is proud to celebrate its 25th anniversary, thanks its suppliers, customers and employees. The celebration was an opportunity to honor TRI’s historical success, and pave the way for future accomplishments.

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25 years ago our Founder, Anthony Ridnell worked out of his house with one other employee. Visualize cords running all over the house and working all hours of the day to start and finish a deal. Since the internet was new, the fax machine was the primary method of quick communication, and Anthony would often sleep near the machine so he could hear it ring in the night when international business would arise.

Our enthusiasm and dedication to our business hasn’t changed since those early days and we thank our customers, suppliers, employees, and partners for allowing us to serve them.

“In our over twenty-five years of business, we have developed time-honored relationships with suppliers all over the world. We have also become a trusted authority on global chemical markets, and devote a significant amount of time and resources gathering and leveraging information for the benefit of our customers. Our success is based on our ability to solve customer problems, and we have gotten quite good at it over the years,” says TRI’s CEO & Owner, Megan E. Gluth-Bohan.

At TRI, we believe in curiosity, flexibility, and creating success for our partners. We take the time to understand your business, challenges, and what success looks like for you. We present unique sourcing options or custom solutions tailored to meet your needs and offer extensive product knowledge and industry experience.