July 20, 2015 News

TRInternational, Inc. (TRI) celebrates another year on the ICIS Top 100 Chemical Distributors list for North America, Middle East/Africa, Asia, and Latin America based on sales by geography.

TRI has witnessed the growth and positive changes to this once simple listing, that has developed into a comprehesive guide over the last 5 years with the efforts of ICIS team and their cooperating associations and companies. By working with various organizations including the National Association of Chemical Distributors (NACD), European Association of Chemical Distributors (Fecc), Associquim (Brazilian Association of Chemical and Petrochemical Distributors), Canadian Association of Chemical Distributors (CACD), UK-based Chemical Business Association (CBA) and companies across the world, readers get access to first class and reliable information.

Looking back over the years since the founding of TRI in 1994 – we rememeber the first year we made the listing. The year, 1999, then the list was just the Top 100 overall, there was no in depth coverage of geographies and little to no real industry news by comparison. TRI’s Present and CEO says, “this is far and away the most comprehensive, detailed, and global publication ICIS has published.”

In 2014 TRI ranked 177 overall with $40.5M in Sales and 80 in North America, 35 in the Middle East/Africa and 63 in Latin America. 2015 is the first year TRI has been ranked on the Asia listing, the 2nd year on the Latin America listing, the 3rd year on Middle East/Africa and 6th year on North America listing.

At TRI, our mission is to continue to create sustainable partnerships worldwide by providing innovative and competitive sourcing solutions. Our success is based on the ethics and ingenuity of our team; we create an environment that promotes growth for our employees, partners and community. TRI’s employees take pride in their reputation and commitment to the company and the Chemical Industry.

2014 SALES: $47.2M
Seattle, Washington, US
President and CEO: Anthony M Ridnell
Products: Acids; adhesives and sealants; alcohols; amines; chlor-alkali; food additives; glycol ethers; inorganics; lubricants; plasticizers; polyglycols; resins; solvents; surfactants; thickening agents
Services: Manufacturing; blending; contract packaging

For more information, please contact Jennifer Calvery, Director of Marketing, at +1(206) 505-3500 x7841, email [email protected] or visit TRInternational online at